MiWi's Gravitation Tv Review

Rated: 9

The score was a little bit hurt here because the basic premise isn’t really the most original thing you’ve ever heard, and it really sounds more like a Hollywood’s blockbuster’s synopsis than an anime, but it certainly evolves a lot from there, and in the later episodes you will see that there is more to the characters than meets the eyes.

Review? Well, I have a friend who re-watched all the episodes a few times already just for the sake of laughing and seeing Yuki Eiri again, so I guess fangirls will want to re-watch it more, but that doesn’t mean that boys that like to have a good laugh can’t re-watch it anytime they want.

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MiWi's Fruits Basket Tv Review

Rated: 8

Well, this show is certainly original – I certainly haven’t watched anything like it before. I mean, the basic plot it’s one of those that leaves you wondering but these Japanese have in their heads when creating their stories, but everything works so well that it’s hard not to smile.

And when you finish watching it, you will probably want to see it again, just to see all the stupid faces of Tohru, the jokes about the rice balls, the bad temper of Kyou, the sweetness of Yuki, the even-more-sweet Kisa… and Haru and his hair, of course. Because this anime just has the WORST metaphors ever made! I mean, they’re so bad that they’re good, because you always end up cracking up a smile at Tohru’s speeches.

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